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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Update

Overall, this has been a good weekend for the Christiansens. Avery is starting to show her cute little personality again little by little. She started smiling and giggling at her mommy and then her daddy last night and she continued to do more of the same today. Talk about great medicine for everyone in the room when she lets out a laugh! There is simply no better sound in the world right now than an Avery giggle.
Both Jenn and Jeremy got out of the hospital yesterday, which was much needed for both of them. Jenn went to lunch with some girlfriends and Jeremy went home to shower and then to a friend's house to eat pizza and play Wii with the guys. They both seemed at least a little refreshed last night when we left. Hopefully now that Avery is feeling better we will be successful at getting them out of there a little bit more often.
Avery had a fever again today and her white count is back up. Right now they controlling the fever with Tylenol and keeping an eye on her. It is concerning that the fever has not resolved since the surgery to remove the shunt on Friday. Please pray that the antibiotics kick in soon and help her to beat whatever this infection is that is causing the fever and elevated white count.
It sounds like the plan will be to keep Avery in Kansas City through this week. They will likely do surgery again on Friday to put the shunt back in and then let her recover here through the weekend before moving her to St. Jude's next week.

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  1. An "Avery giggle" I love the sound of that ;) i am so happy to hear that she had a good weekend interacting with mommy and daddy. It also sounds like Jenn and Jeremy had some probably much needed time outside the hospital walls. I am sure it was hard to leave but left you guys hopefully a little bit refreshed for the upcoming week ahead. We will pray for Averys meds to work there magic so she can get the shunt replaced and be on her way to St. Judes. We love u guys xoxo j & j