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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where is Spring?

It's April and it's 45. I'm about done...anyone else?

We have been doing good the last few weeks. Avery has been working really hard on standing alone and learning her letters, as well as potty training. She is doing really well with all 3, although I think there is some issues with the last one. We are hoping our June trip to St Jude will shed some light for us on this. We find there tends to be a lack of full control or maybe it's brain signals, at times for her. Her new Urologist in Memphis will hopefully be able to tell us more after we do some tests.

Emmett has started crawling as of yesterday and we can tell he is going to be a menace already. He is into it all already and only going to get worse. Avery never got into anything so we never really had to fully baby-proof the house. Course we spent a majority of that stage in Memphis so maybe that is why. He has a full head of blonde hair now and it is coming in Zeglin thick. Thank goodness they get my hair. Avery's hair is ridiculously dark with a hint of red in it and she also has my hair. Radiation shuts down hair growth and a lot of kids don't ever grow hair where they have had radiation. Lucky for us, Avery is only sparse in the spot where she has had the radiation twice. Once her top hair gets long enough you will never even notice!

The St Jude Dreamhome raffle is starting soon. I will post more later on it. We did the Cure Search Walk the other weekend up at Legends. And the Cancer Crawl is open for registration. We are signed up and ready to drink some beers to raise awareness and funds for more research...and let's face it, Jeremy and I could use a little adult fun. If interested, check out the website at We'll get more info about all of them up later as well as some new pictures of sassy pants and her sidekick chubbs!