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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miss Avery's Shop Launched!

Many, many people have been asking how they can buy t-shirts, and also how they can help Jeremy and Jenn get through this difficult time. Now you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The profits from anything you buy on this site will go directly to the Avery Christiansen Fund. You can get super cute products and help the family all at the same time! Here is the link to the store:

The Avery Christiansen Fund has been set up with US Bank. There are several options to donate to this fund. 1. You can go into any US Bank location and tell them you would like to make a deposit to the Avery Christiansen Fund and they will be able to assist you. 2. You can send your donations to: US Bank, PO Box 100, Underwood, IA 51576. or 3. You can set up automatic bill pay through your on-line banking. You would need to put "Avery Christiansen Fund" in the memo and in place of an account number, you can use the PO Box for the Underwood US Bank.
The treatment plan will likely mean 6 months in Memphis for Avery and Jenn, and frequent travel back and forth for Jeremy. It will be such a blessing to them if we can all do whatever we can to help financially over the course of Avery's journey. The last thing that they should have to worry about throughout all of this is money. So, I am asking that you give whatever you can on a monthly basis to this fund. Any amount will be a huge help to them. I'm hoping that we can raise enough money each month to help them cover their expenses, plus help Jeremy to fly to Memphis a couple of times a month rather than making a weekly 7.5 hour drive. Any travel time that can be saved will give him a few more hours with his wife and little girl. As you can imagine, that will be the most precious gift we can give them.
There are also a couple of benefits being planned in Jeremy's hometown. More information will be posted on those events tomorrow.
On a medical note, Avery is doing great today. She has remained fever free for another day! Waa-hoo!!! This is incredible news and means that the antibiotics are successfully treating her infection. Jenn and Jeremy are anxiously anticipating their Care Conference with all of the doctors treating Avery tomorrow. This will be the meeting that determines an exact plan of action to get the shunt put back in and transfer her to St. Jude's. I will be sure to post the outcome of that meeting just as soon as I can tomorrow.


  1. I wanted to suggest car magnets (they usually have the ribbon kind, but I think some with Team Avery on them would be awesome) for people to purchase at Miss Avery's Store. I know a lot of people would proudly put one on their vehicle.

    I also wanted to let the Christiansen family know that I have been asking every believer I know to pray for little Avery! I hope they know how much everyone cares for them, & that they are not alone in this fight! I work with Jeremy at Ryan Lawn & Tree. We are here for you guys!

    Jeremy, we are praying for a speedy recovery for your baby doll, Avery, and peace/rest for you & Jenn.

    God Bless,
    Monica & Jeremy Smith (and girls)

  2. Hello.

    I am a friend of Avery's grandparents nieghbor. (Burnsville, MN)

    I am planning on coming to the benefit for Avery on Sunday.
    I have been posting the event onto facebook, and I brought a flyer to Rainbow Foods. I told some of my teachers and friends about it, and one of my teachers said that she is going to write a check to Avery.

    I love helping with this, and I pray that this fundraiser helps you all, especially Avery.

    I haven't even met her - and I've just fallen in love with her story.She's a cutie(:

    I pray she gets healed.

    Alyssa Thompson
    AVHS Freshman