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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Big 4

It's crazy but true -- this warrior of ours is 4 years old now!  She hit the big 4 last Monday and had a party the Saturday prior.  She was adamant about having a Pinkalicious Party this year, much to our surprise.  The funny part is that a majority of her friends are boys...So we improvised and asked the boys to wear green and girls to wear pink.  We loaded them up on cupcakes and candy and sent them home!  Mission accomplished. 

Avery had a blast and was very excited to be turning 4.  This is a huge milestone for us.  Last year at this time we were stretching to make it to the 3rd birthday and desperate to start radiation.  What a difference a year makes.  I'd love to say that things are awesome and Avery is doing wonderful, but in reality we are still living 3 months at a time.  So we'll stick with things are good. 

Avery continues to work on her skills, her walking, her talking, her potty training.  We seem to have regressed in that last area.  Not sure why - maybe something to do with Emmett or maybe there is more to the radiation damage than what we have realize.  Whatever it is, we are really hoping to see some progress moving forward.  Her walking is about the same.  No change in her abilities there.  Her talking is getting much better and her vocabulary is growing every day.  She has picked up singing songs, which tickles us to no end and her conversation skills are improving greatly.  We have also moved into the "toots, poo and naked are so funny" stage that all kids go through.  Gotta love a naked toddler crawling her bare bottom away from you as fast as she can, giggling all the way.