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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Care Conference

Jenn and Jeremy had their Care Conference this afternoon with the team at Children's Mercy that has been treating Avery. They got many of their questions answered and there is now a plan in place. The plan is to do surgery Friday morning to put the shunt back in. Provided Avery recovers as expected and there are no complications, Avery would be discharged on Monday. They would be able to drive her to Memphis themselves at some point next week. Maybe they could even spend a night at home for everyone to sleep in their own beds! I know they are anxious to get down there, but I think it would be so nice for them to get one normal night at home before they start the next leg of this journey.
One of the main questions that they had for the doctors today was Avery's neurological recovery from the surgeries she's already had and the surgery that will happen on Friday. She is doing a much better job of opening her eyes and tracking objects and people, but she isn't where she was before the surgery. She is also less vocal than she was before the surgery, which is a common side effect of brain surgery. Doctors are unsure what causes this side effect, but they are confident she'll be jabbering away again someday. The timeline just isn't certain, but with the progress she's already made, they know she's going to do great.
If everyone could please pray that there are no hiccups between now and Friday, that they are able to get the shunt put back in as planned, that Avery will recover well and be able to be discharged on Monday and that the family will have a safe trip to Memphis.

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  1. Hi, Jenn & Jeremy. I just want you to be encouraged that there are a lot of people praying for you and for little Avery. I don't know you, but am friends and work with Carrie Scoles Mom, Suzanne. We are following your progress and appreciate the blogs about Avery. Keep the faith and hang in there!
    ~Shelly Bailey