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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Day at St. Judes...

I spoke to Jenn tonight and all is well. They arrived in Memphis today around 2 and got Avery checked in. They met with Dr. Armstrong, their oncologist, and he seems to have almost instantly eased some of their fears. His attitude is really positive and exactly what Jeremy and Jenn needed.
Tomorrow will be a big day for them with many appointments. Actually the whole week is going to be busy. Tomorrow they start appointments at 8am. They will meet with a neurologist, nutritionist, social worker and have labs drawn. Thursday is Avery's first birthday! She will start the day off with an MRI and spinal tap, but they are planning to get away from the hospital in the afternoon to do something fun to celebrate. Friday they will give Avery fluids to hydrate her and the plan is to begin chemo on Saturday.


  1. Jenn - I am so glad to hear that meeting with the Oncologist has calmed some nerves. I can only imagine how difficult this has all been for you and your husband and will continue to be. Please know that we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!
    Jess, Chad & kids

  2. Jeremy & Jenn - Glad to hear that you received some positive notes in your meetings....that's what you needed to get pumped up to beat this stuff! Remember to take it one day at a time and keep being the unbelievably strong courageous parents you are being. We are thinking of you non-stop and hope nothing but positive news is yet to come. Give Avery a big birthday hug and kiss from us, that is if her face hasn't been kissed off already! We love you guys....Love, The Scoles

  3. Great Grandpa Johnson and Auntie Lori are wishing Avery a Happy Birthday and many prayers for the procedures yet to come. Once you have an address where we can send mail and care packages please let us know. Glad to hear you are in good hands at St. Jude!

  4. Great to read that things are going good at St Judes, I hope Avery has a Happy Brithday with all that is going on. And then she looks back on this she can see all the love and prayer people are sending her way