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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fighting a Fever

Sorry for being so late with a post today. Jenn and Jeremy have had a very busy day of meeting with doctors and trying to get to the bottom of what is causing Avery to have a fever. She's had a fever between 103 and 101 for most of the day. They did a spinal tap to check for infection. So far everything looks good, so right now the doctors are not overly concerned. They are going to wait a few days to culture it, just to be sure.
Jenn noticed last night that Avery's face looked a little puffy so a resident came in and found that her belly was distended. They did a scan to make sure the shunt wasn't draining into the wrong spot, and it wasn't so that was a blessing. She just has some gas she needs to pass and she needs to poop. (Parents out there will get that poops are something to be celebrated with little ones. Non-parents will likely think I'm just weird to be discussing such topics.)They are giving her some medicine to help with both of those issues, and hopefully she'll get some relief soon.
They also did a cardiogram today to ensure that her heart was functioning as it should after her surgeries. It is, so another blessing. They are keeping an eye on her lungs, just to be sure that the sacs are properly inflating when she breathes. Right now she struggling with that a little but as she cries and moves around more they are confident it will resolve itself.
Avery's primary oncologist is on vacation until next week because she's getting married. This means the on-call oncologist is handling Avery's care right now. Lets just say her bedside manner wasn't the greatest this morning and well, Jenn made it clear that wasn't acceptable. So, after a few stressful hours, the doctor came back ready to sit down and talk through some of their questions. Jeremy and Jenn feel better tonight having some answers. They now know what kind of a tumor it was and will formulate a plan to treat it after their oncologist is back next week. In the meantime, the focus will be to get Avery recovered from the surgeries and back at home.

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  1. Hey, Jenn and Jeremy!!

    We are so happy to hear good news!! Our fingers are still crossed and you all are in our thoughts and prayers. Please give Miss Avery lots of love for us!! :)

    Jill, Jenny, Sofie, Davis, and Megs *mwah*