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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick Update

I just wanted to let you all know that Avery is currently in surgery. She should be about done and then will spend an hour in recovery before they take her back up to her room. They decided this morning to go ahead and put in a Hickman Line while they had her in surgery. This line will allow the doctors and nurses to draw labs, so no more sticking and pricking sweet Avery all the time. She'll greatly appreciate that! It will also be used to administer the chemo when they get to that point. The pathology results are not in, but we're still hoping to hear something today. I will update again when she's out of surgery, but wanted to let you all know where things stand now.
On a lighter note...Nana Kristie found the fabric for Avery's first birthday outfit today and it's adorable! Hot pink and black polka dots and the most adorable little skull and crossbones...the skulls even have heart shaped eyes and little pink bows. So fitting since skull and crossbones are the new official Team Avery logo. Tough Girl=Touch Logo. Can you even imagine how much this little girl is going to be spoiled on her 1st birthday??? It's probably going to be criminal, but I can't wait!


  1. you guys are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. love the skull and crossbones theme for the little peanut!

  2. We miss little Avery very much. Our day here at daycare is not the same without her. She is truly a precious gift. Rylie and Reagan love for me to read them the updates and see the pictures of her. Jen and Jeremy...our prayers are with you. The Smith's

  3. The skull and crossbones theme is too cute! love it!