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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looks Who Is Feeling A Little Better!

Avery's fever is currently down and she decided that she'd even hold her bottle herself! Right now she's sitting in a chair getting some physical therapy. What a tough cookie!


  1. WONDERFUL! She looks very hungry! She's being so very strong....little turkey! I think she being tough like her mama! Love you guys!

    Brad, Carrie and Ethan

  2. We are relieved to hear her fever is down and she is a bit more active. We will continue to pray for good news!
    Megan and Ryan Greulich

  3. In the midst of all of this I too as a parent cannot imagine your fight for Avery Anne. Keep the faith and rest with comfort that you are all covered in prayer both daily and nightly. I find myself waking up at odd hours of the night with little sweet Avery on my heart. Hugs and keep up the positive attitude!:) XOXO minus any germs that would come with those hugs and kisses:) The Shelton's

  4. She looks beautiful. It's good to see her with an appetite! You know she's a tough cookie with that blanket!

  5. Eating AND holding her bottle, that's great!! I think about you and Avery all day long and we are so glad to hear about her updates and progress. Lots of love! The Masker Family