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Monday, January 4, 2010

Out of the PICU!

Miss Avery was moved out of the PICU last night! It's a much larger room, so it will at least be more comfortable for everyone. She's also been eating since Saturday night, so that is making her a much happier camper. She has been having some trouble keeping it down though, so hopefully that will turn around soon.
Now that the holiday weekend is over they are sending out the biopsy and hopeful that someone will be able to analyze it today and hopefully give them some results tomorrow. They also have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. They will be looking at the level of fluid around the brain. When the tumor was there, it was acting as a plug that was keeping the fluid from draining. Now that the tumor is gone, the brain has to learn again how to regulate that fluid level. Right now there is an external drainage tube that is controlling it. The MRI will show the doctors if her brain is able to do it on its own, or if she needs some help. If she does need help, they will need to do another surgery to put in a shut that will drain that fluid from around her brain down to her stomach. Please pray that the MRI shows that the fluid is draining properly on it's own so that Avery doesn't have to go through another surgery.


  1. Each and Everyday we are saying prayers for you all! My feeling is that Avery has so much love and faith to get her through this quickly! Hugs to Grandma Kristie (my co-worker)!

  2. Thanks for the great updates Nikki! Avery, Jenn and Jeremy are in our daily thoughts and prayers!!