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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Corn on the cob for our toothless wonder...

We made the long haul up to MN on Wednesday night so we could spend the weekend at the cabin.  It was great to see the Johnson side of the family and of course spend some quality time with nana, GJ, Uncle Rob and Miss Cory!

The kids loved the lake and all the fun activities Nana planned out.  We watched a movie under the stars,  sat down by the dock, rode on the tractor, played with fishes, watched the puppies swim and ate like pigs.  Avery loved her corn on the cob,  but since she has no front teeth she mainly enjoyed the butter and salt.  Whatever works right? We spent the day with all the Johnson clan yesterday, even though it rained all day and had a great time.  Avery was very sad to leave. 

The trip back to KC is a long one for sure.  We just made it to Des Moines and she is begging to go to Nana's house now. The last 3 hrs are going to be the most fun I think...

Loving the summer fun...the normalcy.