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Monday, January 11, 2010

Today Avery's fever seems to be under control, so that is wonderful news! She did a great job with her physical and occupational therapy and entertained everyone with some more of her giggles. Right now the plan is to put the shunt in on Friday, and then discharge her on Monday so that they can head to Memphis. They still don't have all of the logistics finalized as far as how they will get there, but hopefully a solid plan will be in place after they have a meeting with all of the doctors on Wednesday. It ultimately will all depend on what is best for Avery. They may need to take a medical flight, an ambulance, or they may be able to drive themselves.
The treatment plan has also not been finalized, but what is certain is that they will spend an extended period of time there- likely 6 months. There protocol will include intense chemotherapy followed by focal radiation. Then they will come home and do 6 months of oral chemotherapy. Right now the plan is for Jeremy and Jenn to both go, with Jeremy coming back in February when his business picks up and Jenn will stay with Avery. Their jobs have both been incredible through this. They are doing everything possible to make sure that Jeremy and Jenn are focused on the only thing that is important right now: Avery.


  1. We are so glad to hear that Jeremy will be able to be out in Memphis with you for a few weeks. You are in our thoughts all day everyday. Hugs and Kisses to Avery!

  2. Jenn-
    My mom knows some people in Memphis and their daughter works at St jude. She wanted me to pass this on to you. If you need anything, let me know. I'm not too far away in Kentucky! Hope the trip down there goes smoothy. You both are in my thoughts and prayers!

    Love, Nycole

    **Please feel free to give your daughter’s friend my phone numbers too. My home number is 901-757-4561, my cell number is 901-216-6064, my work number is 901-595-5916 and my e-mail . Since I had my daughter I only work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but am on the St. Jude campus those days. If they need anything, I can bring it to them at the hospital (or where they are staying- Grizzly house, Ronald McDonald house) or could meet them for lunch if they are having a bad day. As a footnote, we have the best neuro oncologist on the planet. Avery is in wonderful hands here. She will be in my prayers.

    Best Regards-