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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recovering Nicely

Avery is recovering like a champ from her latest surgery. She was a little less cheery yesterday than she had been Friday night, but that's probably because the meds had worn off and she was a little sore. She still gave us a few smiles though and was very content sitting in Grandma Janette's lap when I was up there.
She ran a low-grade fever yesterday, which of course was concerning given the events that preceded her last shunt placement, but the doctors weren't concerned and assured Jenn and Jeremy that it was a typical post-op, low-grade fever. I'm headed up there in a little bit, and I hear she's feeling much better today.
The plan is still on track to discharge her tomorrow afternoon after she gets her last dose of antibiotics at 3. They will go home and spend the night, and then begin their trek to Memphis early Tuesday morning. The staff from St. Jude's has given them very detailed information as to what to expect when they get there, which has done wonders for easing their anxiety.
I know many people are wondering where they can send things once they get to Memphis and what items would be helpful. Right now we don't know what the address will be, but as soon as they get down there and get settled we will get that information on the blog.

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