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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Hard to believe it's May already...especially with the crazy roller coaster weather we have been having! This weekend we spent with all the grandparents and it was fabulous, albeit too short. Nana and GJ, Grandpa Randall and even Great Grandpa Johnson came to see us. It was a special day for Emmett as he was baptized yesterday and we are very proud!

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing moms out there! Being a mom is pretty much the hardest job ever. It's the most demanding thing I've ever done, and I live in a constant fear of doing it wrong. Now granted we have some extra special circumstances that may add to that pressure, but let me tell you this; holy crap! Nothing can prepare you for the everyday experiences that get put in your path. I mean how do you decide what's too much sugar? Or acceptable behavior? Or how to stop your 4 year old from screaming "yes!" at you when you ask her if she wants to go to time out? I mean honestly...Who knows the right answers to all of these? So based on the fact that no one hands you a "How to not screw up your kid" manual as they wheel you off the maternity ward...I pretty much think I rock as a mom. Just saying. I'm very proud of all three of my kids... even if I have to pay for therapy for them later. I probably owe a lot of credit to my own mother for moulding me into the patient, quiet, demure mother that I am today - ok so maybe that's not exactly what I am. But credit for me is due to her - so thanks Mom! You did a pretty solid job I think!

So far has been a fabulous day. Breakfast with the family, Starbucks iced chai tea, an E for my necklace, and a new craft table (courtesy of GJ) for my sewing projects!! Now off to the nursery to find my moss roses and probably a nap!

Blessed to the nth degree...