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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stomach Bug... Part 2

It's official...they are all 3 sick now. Seriously, just what they needed on top of everything else, right? Please pray that this passes quickly. Avery was discharged last night, so they have been trying to get some rest at the apartment. She goes back in for her second dose of chemo tomorrow, so we're crossing our fingers that they all wake up feeling better as they begin their next in-patient stint.
Jenn's mom, Kristie, is still taking volunteers to go down to Memphis and help Jenn out with Avery's care while Jeremy is in Kansas City working. Just wanted to let you know that if any of Jeremy's friends plan to go down to help, we'll schedule you so that your time overlaps when Jeremy will be there, so that you can spend some time with him as well. Please email Kristie at if you are able to make the trip. The support for Jenn will be so important, but this will also provide Jeremy with some peace of mind that his girls aren't alone when he isn't able to be there.

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  1. Due to work and lack of vacation days I don't think it would be feasible for me to be there but I whole heartedly wish I could make the trip for them. If it is ever remotely possible Mark or I will be the first ones to volunteer to help Jeremy,Jenn,and Avery with their journey. We think of them everyday and as parents can't imagine how they are dealing with all of this. If at all possible we will be the first to email Kristie.