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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chemo Day 8 -- Stalled

Avery was to begin Day 8 of Chemo today, however the Dr's decided to push it back a day due to a low count on her Nutrifils. The concept is still a little over my head, but the basic idea is that her Nutrifils were 1000 yesterday morning and then at 2 am they had dropped to 400. By 8:30 they were only up to 500. This could be due to her UTI and Stomach Bug so they wanted to give her an extra day to build back up before they wipe them out again. This of course messes up the entire day count in my planner as they simply push "day 8" back a day. Needless to say, I need whiteout now.

We waited for this evening to venture down the road of milk products, but as of 9:30 pm Avery has successfully not puked after a bottle. YEA!! This chemo tomorrow however will put us back in full on puke patrol. At this point, I am winning with only one puke while Jeremy is lagging with 2.

Tomorrow is going to be tough. She will be getting 3 different chemo drugs which will affect her pretty dramatically. Please pray that they aren't too bad...this kiddo could really use a break from this past week. She sure misses all her buddies, family and friends..... XOXO (The video is from my cell phone and I never hold it the right way - sorry)


  1. That's a great video Jenn! It's so good to see and hear her laugh. I'm glad that you and Jeremy are feeling better. Your in our prayers.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and hope things go better for Avery tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers with you. God bless :)

  3. Jenn, thanks for sharing everything! You're all in our prayers!

  4. Neutrophils are part of her white blood cell count. Video was really cute! She is working hard to fight off urinary track infection and flu and cancer. Prayers abound! (((((Avery)))))

  5. Thank goodness for whiteout :) Happy to hear she is starting to feel better and hopefully both you and Jeremy are starting to feel better too. Glad the docs gave Avery an extra day of rest, that's what Sundays are for right! :) We love you guys and Jenn I have your care package from Jennifer and I ready to drop off at UPS tomorrow so look for it this week. Thinking of you every day. Good luck tomorrow Avery!!! Xoxo