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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Night At Home

Avery was discharged today, right on schedule! She had her last dose of antibiotic at 3. It takes about an hour to run, and they were on their way home before 4:30. I think Children's Mercy was very conscientious of the fact the Christiansen family was ready to get out of there!
Tonight they are at home trying to enjoy some time as a family before they take off for Memphis in the morning, but mostly just packing. Jenn said that Jeremy had informed her the car was already full and she hadn't even given him her or Avery's clothes. You all know Jenn...she has enough clothes packed to fill the car with those alone. (That's not a bad trait, by the way, I LOVE to travel with Jenn because I know whatever I've forgotten, she has most definitely remembered.)
They will be traveling most of the day tomorrow and will be busy getting Avery admitted and getting settled into the Grizzly House. The Grizzly House will be their temporary home until they are moved into the apartment they will have at the Target House. Tonight I'm so happy for them because I know tomorrow will be the first day they will spend in the place that his going to make Avery better. I'm sad for myself though because I hate that I won't be able to hug my bestie whenever she needs it and kiss her baby whenever I need it.
I ask that you all pray that their travels are safe and that Avery is comfortable and happy for the trip.
Also, I heard tonight that someone received their order from Cafe Press, and it wasn't exactly right. The onesie was printed in black and red, rather than black and pink and they sent a men's t-shirt rather than a women's. The good news is that they called Cafe Press and they were more than willing to send out corrected items without even having the other items returned. If you have any issues with the products that you have ordered, please shoot me a quick email at I would like to keep track of it, so that I can address the issue with Cafe Press if this turns out to be anything other than an isolated event.
And, speaking of your Team Avery gear...please send me pictures of you in your shirts. I'd like to do some posts of everyone in their shirts. I think it will be so neat for Jenn and Jeremy to see all those who are supporting their little fighter! And how cool will it be for Avery to see all the pictures when she grows up?!?

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  1. What a great update to read just before I go to sleep :)Avery and Mom and Dad (& Jersey & Sy & Maple too) are all at home for the night all snug in their beds. I am happy to hear that they are setting you up with housing, I figured it would be the Ronald Mcdonald House or somthing comprable. These are such wonderful programs that house families during there stay. Love you all, praying for you every day Avery. xoxo