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Friday, January 29, 2010


Thanks to the wonderful bug that made it's way through the Christiansen clan....we are now worried about dehydration. Dr's are slightly nervous that she hasn't had a lot of urine output in the last 24 hrs. This of course is due to the fact that she spent a majority of that puking on her parents. Yes, the score is now Daddy 2 Mommy 1 -- in this case me being the winner. I think we did 3 loads of laundry last night purely for pjs....I did not pack enough to make it past 4 pukes! Good news is she doesn't seem to mind the puking. We finally called the dr last night after the 3rd time and she indicated that when someone has a bug like this the body is not so receptive to lactose products. Hmmm.....that would explain her puking up the PediaSure and Formula for the last 3 days!! She is now drinking PediaLyte and water only. Dumb us.

We had an ultrasound done today on her kidney's just to make sure everything is working right. They also hooked her up for fluids for 30 mins and will hook her up again tonight when we go back in for days 8-12 of chemo. All in all she looks great and is acting fine and so far has not puked today.

On the up is freezing rain today. Target House is 4 miles from the hospital and all staff were let go early of course -- can anyone say dejavu? (this was the case in the KC hospital as well -- weather or holidays) And one last topper for the day is Avery is teething. Are you kidding me?! The kid has 2 teeth -- got them at 6 months, and right now is when the others decide to join us? Thank the Lord this girl is a tough one!

Jenn & Jeremy


  1. Learning something new everyday! The IVs will perk her up if she is dehydrated. Pedialyte is good for adults with the flu to. Saw the ice storm on news. Looks bad. Hope the chemo goes well today.

  2. Jennifer HundtofteJanuary 30, 2010 at 9:31 PM

    Jenn and Jeremy, you do not know me but I live in Council Bluffs IA and recently learned of your situation. I can only imagine the challenges you are facing as parents. I do have some understanding of your experience in dealing with brain cancer and all it's complications. My husband is battling stage IV medulloblastoma here at the NE Med Center. Our battle has been going on for two years. While it may seem that lots of "bad" things are happening to you (like stomach viruses, freezing rain, etc) remember God is always with you. Each day with Avery is a blessing!!! You can always find a silver lining in the clouds of this storm. I pray you'll be able to find the blessings every day. It sounds like you have lots of support and I can tell you that is key to this fight. I hope to attend your benefit in Neola, IA and meet some of your family. In the meantime, I will pray for Avery and both of you as caregivers. I understand that caregiving is a tough job. I would encourage you to find a support group to discuss all that you are feeling. Taking care of yourselves will help you take better care of Avery.

    God's Peace and my prayers!
    Jennifer Hundtofte