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Monday, January 4, 2010

Surgery Again Tomorrow

They did the CAT scan this afternoon and have determined that Avery will need to have the shunt to help her drain the fluid from around her brain. They will do the surgery sometime tomorrow morning. This is a relatively routine procedure, but stressful for Jenn and Jeremy nonetheless. Avery is a tough girl, and they know she'll be fine. Honestly, it's probably as hard on them as it is on her. Today was a rough day for them, so please continue to lift them up in your prayers as well as Avery.
They hope to have the pathology results tomorrow so that a plan can start to be formulated on how best to beat this. You all know Jenn...when faced with a problem, find a solution and FIX it! She's in that mindset now, and it will serve her baby well. Watching she and Jeremy come together as a team has been an inspiration. They love each other and Avery very much.

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