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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's me....Jenn

Nikki has been doing such an amazing job of updating this blog over the last few weeks....I hate to take over and ruin all the great progress she has made, so in no way will I truly commit to taking this on full time quite yet. On the other hand, I'm sure she has a lot on her plate with her working full time and taking care of her little boy Harper, among other things so I will try my best to relieve her of this task.

We'd like to say thank you to each and every one of you that have followed our story and sent prayers, thoughts, well wishes, food, care packages, and love our way. We are so grateful to you all for caring so much and being so supportive. Up until New Year's Eve, the hardest thing we had ever done was have Avery -- yes with an Epidural, but it was still tough!! Never in a million years would we have ever thought something like this would happen. Lucky for us, we have each of you to lean on as we go through this amazingly tough situation. Avery is a very fortunate little girl with a lot of cheerleaders in her corner and for that we are truly blessed.

Phase 1 of her first round of Chemo started on Saturday -- she flew through the 24 hr meds like a pro and was laughing and playing the entire weekend. It wasn't until Sunday night when she threw up for the first time (ever)that we considered it might be a little more complicated. She continued to get sick again in the morning and afternoon yesterday and started running a fever yesterday afternoon. The Dr's are at a loss as to what is causing the fever because her white blood cell counts aren't affected by this particular drug, so for now they are looking at a possible stomach virus. She threw up again last night a few times as well, but so far today has not. She also managed to drop the fever last night and is not running one at the moment. The plan is to be discharged from the hospital at some point today. Please cross your fingers that the plan doesn't change.

We will try to post some additional pictures in the coming days....thank you so much for all your support!


Jenn, Jeremy and Avery


  1. Jenn and Jeremy, So good to hear from you! Nikki has been a saint keeping us all informed with regular postings! You are blessed to have such a wonderful friend in Nikki. Hope the nausea and vomiting gets under control with different drugs or dosage. Maple Jo is a great companion and I am enjoying caring for her. Love Auntie Lori

  2. Hi Jenn and Jeremy and Avery! We are sending prayers, hugs and kisses your way and think about you every day. Avery looks like a beautiful princess! I can see she is a fighter and full of giggles! Please let us know if there is anything we can do back here in KC. We love you guys! The McGuire's