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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Out & In

Avery was discharged from her Methotrexate Inpatient session on Saturday afternoon. It was great to be out of the hospital and even better to be out of isolation! We hung low on Saturday and simply unpacked, made dinner and watched a movie. Believe it or not Avery went to bed at 8:30 pm and slept until 7:30 am the next morning! WOW. Certainly we thought, this has to be a fluke and not to be repeated. But after a relaxing day of walking in the park on Sunday, Avery went to bed again around 8:30 pm and slept until we woke her at 7:30 am. Monday was a typical day at St Jude. We had appts all morning and then made it back to Target house for a late lunch, a nap and some catching up. Today was more of the same although we had to get our 2nd dose of the flu shot. Avery was a trooper of course. Didn't cry at all, and that flu shot hurts -- I don't care what anyone says. It shocks me she doesn't even flinch, even when she had 2 shots in each leg at the same time. She really is a tough little girl...I mean I tear up when they get me, then I complain about it the rest of the day to all my coworkers and then I swear I'm not doing it the next year.

Tomorrow we have a line up that starts at 9 am and is followed by admission into the hospital for all the icky drugs. These will make her sick immediately and she will start the downward spiral to a nutrophil count of 0. The next 2 weeks will be tough for her. She won't feel well and will be limited to the Target House for most of the out patient piece. Good news is we will only be inpatient for 4 days. (provided she doesn't come down with anything)

We discovered yesterday that she is teething again...we can see one back tooth popping through already and we suspect the other front top tooth is joining its partner. Not fun for her now, but once she feels better she might be able to eat some new things! We are also excited to see Nikki this week. She should be here tomorrow night and will stay through Saturday. We'll be in the hospital the entire time she is here, but we'll still manage to entertain ourselves and Avery.


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