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Friday, March 26, 2010

Jeremy and Scott

Wednesday turned out to be a much better day. Avery started Chemo that afternoon and finished it up yesterday evening. She will continue with fluids until all is flushed out of her system. Hopefully we'll be able to leave at a decent time tomorrow.

Scott arrived on Wednesday evening and to my surprise took the bus to the hospital. The nurses were in shock by this as the bus is NOT the safest mode of transportation. But he arrived unscathed and camped out in the broom closet for the night. Yesterday I was able to slip back to Target house to shower and then Jeremy flew in around 7 pm. The boys stayed at the hospital last night with Avery and I slept at the Target first night away from her. I of course woke up from nightmares and decided maybe I'm not ok sleeping away from her.

Jeremy and Scott are headed to Beale street this afternoon to eat some fried hamburgers at Dyers. We went with Mom & John a few weeks ago, but Jeremy wasn't here so he missed out. Tonight we have some exciting plans to watch Happy Feet...silly I know but I really want to see it, so guess what -- Jeremy is so thrilled.

Miss Avery is doing great -- getting a little anxious as we don't have a mat to play on the floor on. She is much more active than the last time we were inpatient so we are having a tougher time keeping her happy as she wants to move! We did finally get out of Isolation last night so today we'll be able to roam a little, which will help. Kicker the dog was here last night and we were able to pet him, I think it was more therapeutic for me than Avery, but we sure enjoy that!

Well, I am going to sneak out and grab something to eat from the cafeteria while the munchkin is snoozing....more to come later!


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