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Monday, March 15, 2010


I am happy to report that our early morning excursion...yes we had to be at the hospital at 7:15 am - OMG ....but we made it, was a success! The little stinker is such a pro at anesthesia that she wakes up immediately after they remove the sedative. So no recovery time for her! And she wakes up goofy, but giggly. I think one of the hardest things we've had to do is walk away from her as they put her to sleep. It's heartbreaking to see your child go limp. Anyway, it was all for good as the Dr's say her scans looked clear. This is amazing of course. There were 3 spots on her initial MRI at St Jude that the Dr's were going to "watch" that must have been residual surgery interference as today they were not visible. We are so excited!!! We will have a spinal tap and hearing test on Friday to confirm there are no cancer cells in her spinal fluid and to make sure her hearing hasn't been damaged from the chemo. To add to the great day, Avery was 8.15 kilos today, which is roughly 17.93 lbs. On Friday she was 7.9 Kilos, 17.34 lbs. Let's raise our glasses for Marriott and Cheese Puffs!!

Her counts are still down and my guess is we will do another transfusion for both platelets and hemoglobin on Wednesday. In the mean time, our Dr - Dr Armstrong, is out on Maternity leave....for everyone that knows our experiences in KC, you should find this humorous. Our Nurse Practitioner is on call upstairs for the next 2 weeks as bottom line is nothing major can happen in the next 2 weeks or Dr Armstrong's wife is going to have to do it on her own's her 4th one, she should be a pro by now anyway!

Tara DaPape from KC is coming down either today or tomorrow to help out. She is delayed at this point due to all the storms in the NE and is hoping to get here tonight, but we'll see. We are very excited to have someone coming again...I get a little lonely without someone to talk to. Imagine that. Avery is working hard on crawling...more of an army crawl (shout out to Hank Money on this one) but she gets around when she wants to. As I write this she is attempting to pull herself up on her Bumpo, which most likely will end in a face plant, but I hate to stymie her progress. She is also missing pants at this point because her diaper leaked while we were at the hospital and of course I had no other clothes with us. Yes, I was one of those mothers today. Tush hanging out, arms full of baby, we went to all our appointments with big fat grin on our faces cause today is a good day.




  1. It was a GREAT day! It brings tears to my eyes to read this wonderful news! Avery, you are the strongest, bravest little girl I know. I am so very proud of you. Give your mommy a big hug from me!

    Aunt Nikki

  2. Oh that's great to hear all the wonderful news above...spots gone, gaining weight and mom sounds like she is doing OK right now too. We are still praying everyday that you guys are having a good day!
    Also, here are some high calorie foods Arden likes:
    -Carbonara w/Homemade Alfredo (made with butter, cream and lots of cheese, plus the bacon and peas!)
    -PB&J French Toast & Chocolate Chip Pancakes
    -Chicken Wild Rice Soup (really any cream based soup)
    -Bananas baked w/butter & Cinnamon Sugar or Apple Crisp (w/ Ice Cream)
    and of course any flavor Cheesecake!
    Best of luck getting more food in little Avery!

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  4. ...and oh my gosh Avery, how could I forget mentioning that RANCH is good on just about EVERYTHING! -just in case your mommy has forgotten how freshmen put on the freshmen 15 besides drinking beer. Happy Eating!

  5. That is WONDERFUL news!! Jenn you may have to write a book after this- seriously you have a way with story telling that is so vivid (to all Avery's fans delite!) that makes you feel like we are there with you seeing all the moments with you two! I am so happy for the good news, the pantless day of dr visits, and the fact that you said "face plant" in this update! KISSES AND MISSES TO MY TWO BEATUIFUL GIRLIES!

    Auntie Jennifer