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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Avery's counts finally dropped to 500 today. She had a transfusion for her low hemoglobin today and I imagine she will have one for her platelets on Friday. We had a long day of medicine running and dr's appts but she had a great day! The day did not start out so hot though... just as we were walking out the door she puked all over herself. That's what we get for giving her her meds after trying to feed her. Whoops! Won't do that again. She seemed unfazed by it of course.

Aunt Marriott is here this week with us and boy Avery loves her too! She finally got a bath today, which she desperately needed as she has puked on herself the last 3 days. I swore up and down that I smelled puke on her all day yesterday, but I think it may have been me that smelled like puke. Thank goodness Sara came so I could shower!

Tomorrow we have more appts and this time we get to do them all with her mask on. She absolutely hates the mask, and throws a fit when we try to put it on her. I would too if someone tried to put a mask on me that covers my whole face. Someday I am going to make a lot of money designing a germ mask that fits kids aged 0 - 2 yrs old. Don't steal my idea. Losing battle, but one we have to fight to try and keep her from catching anything while we are at the hospital.


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