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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Date Night

Thanks to a very thoughtful friend (maybe more than one) Jeremy and I were surprised to a night out on Saturday! Scott made reservations at a great restaurant in Memphis called Iris. We even dressed up a bit to make it a little more special! The food was amazing and we ate so much we actually had to come back after dinner due to a much needed unbottoning of the pants....surprise surprise, little miss Avery was still awake and hanging out with her buddy Scott. It was a much needed break and made us feel a little more normal. Thank you!!

Avery is getting really strong at pulling herself up now. The crawling stage may be skipped all together as she doesn't appear that interested in her knees. We'll see. She was able to play down in the play area a few times this week when we were inpatient and that helps in her strength training. She has a blast pulling herself up in the crib as well!

Aunt Jonnelle is arriving tomorrow and we can't wait! She is flying all the way from MN to see us. We personally think it has something to do with the nicer weather down here....giggle giggle. We will go back inpatient on Tuesday night and be there for the icky chemo drugs until Friday or Saturday. In the mean time, she has started the appetite inducing, Periactin and let me tell you that stuff works. She goes from normal to starving in 30 mins. Good for us as she is up to 8.4 kilos and we are going into the pukey stage. Hopefully we'll be able to manage the sick feeling enough for her to eat and maintain her weight this round. We'll see....if not, at least she is a little heavier than 2 weeks ago.

Well, off to bed we go....yes she is still up and sitting in my lap. 10:48 pm.

Love Jenn & Avery


  1. So good to hear that she is doing well. Hope everything keeps getting better and you guys get to return to KC!

  2. Glad to hear that you had a date night! It sounds wonderful and you had a great babysitter for Avery. Keeping you in our prayers for this next round of chemo.
    Auntie Lori and Bob
    PS Maple Jo is well and loves to run in the park and goes everywhere with me.