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Thursday, February 25, 2010

We say goodbye to Great Grandpa Joe tomorrow morning. Mommy and I are very sad that we couldn't go with Daddy back to Neola, but we sent our love and lots of kisses. Great Grandpa Joe was 97 and had a very long, successful life, but I will miss him terribly. Daddy says he's headed up to Heaven to clear up some things about when I'm coming...year 3006 is is the date we have marked down.

In the mean time, mommy had some help this week. Brenda Matsen and Jen Curtis came down to visit and help Mommy take a break. (she gets a little high strung sometimes you know...)And boy did we have fun! I finally made it out of isolation!! That means I can actually leave my room at the hospital and when I get out on Saturday we can head back to Target house finally. My first chemo drug is done, but it will take 2 days to clear from my system. In the mean time, I pee pee A LOT. This is good for me, but the diaper changes really interrupt my play time. I have been a chatty cathy as well. Mommy says I look like my dad but sound like my mom. Jen also taught me how to wave...course the best time to do this is at 10:30 pm when the rest of the floor is sleeping. That means when I scream and giggle in delight that everyone will be able to hear me and boy that makes me happy. I'm sad that Brenda & Jen are leaving tomorrow, but happy that daddy will be back on Saturday and then Aunt Nikki comes sometime next week!! Next week won't be as fun, cause that's when I start to feel icky, but at least I'll be able to cuddle up with my Auntie!

Love you all....

(and yes it is 11:48 pm and my child is up and screaming with delight)


  1. Happy Friday, Avery! I am so excited to come and love on you next week...I hope you're ready for lots and lots of smooches! And some presents and as many grilled cheese sandwiches as you can handle!

    Love, Aunt Nikki

  2. Our visit here to Memphis has been coined "the trip of a 1000 giggles". Avery is one of the happiest babies that I have ever been around and she can't help but put a smile on your face. St. Jude's is also a wonderful hospital-everyone on her care team truly loves their patients, especially Avery. My mom and I will miss being around Avery and Jenn terribly, but we know they are in great hands and will be continued to be surrounded by strength and love from their family and friends.

    Love, Jen

  3. Hi Jenn,

    I'm not sure if you remember me but I was a freshman when you were a senior at Alpha chi at ISU and my name is Claire Masker. Mingus and I were in the same pledge class and she told me about you and Miss Avery. I'm orignally from Neola so I had heard about Avery from my grandma but had no idea at the time that she was your daughter. We were going to try and get a few girls to come to the benefit but somethings came up. Anyway, the ladies are working on putting together some care packages for you and were wondering if there was anything that you would love to have or need, for both you and Avery. You can email me at We talked about you for a few minutes tonight and lots of the girls want to make sure you are taken care of. I know you are very busy but let me know of anything that you need that will make everything easier for you and we will try and make it happen. And know that all of the Alpha Chis at ISU are sending good thoughts and prayers for a future Alpha Chi!