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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Team Avery

My Council Bluffs Girls
Alicia & Arden - MN
Miss Jersey Anne herself
The Boys from Underwood down for the KC Texas Hold Em Tournament
Adam & Rylan from Neola, IA

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  1. Avery,

    It was nice that remember Grandpa Joe. Papa joe was a great dad grandpa and great grandpa. It was great to see your dad Jeremy. As it was said Grandpa Joe will be watching down on you and your daddy and mommy. Life is just a stop on the way. And the way we handle the bumps and hills we encounter are a test to those around us. Grandpa Joe is real proud of you, your daddy and mommy. I know he is kneeling and praying for you right now.

    Take care God bless
    Keith and Diane