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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week with Aunt Marriott

We had a great week with Aunt Marriott! On Thursday we discovered Avery's love for cheese puffs. She apparently has lost her lust for grilled cheese and replaced it with cheese puffs. She refuses to eat a whole lot of anything besides these high calorie, addicting treats. Good thing for us we have been told to feed her as many calories as we can get into her. Still, with all that puffy goodness, she is down to 7.9 K this time. That is roughly 17.3 lbs, which is a big drop from the 19.5 lbs she started at in December. I have a feeling next week will bring the nutritionist and an appetite stimulant. Hard to give them a stimulant when they constantly feel sick. We'll see what she says.

On Friday we met up with a little girl named Belle that has a tumor similar to Avery's, in our clinic. Marriott was holding Avery and when we stopped to say hello to Belle and her mom, she asked me if Avery got a new mommy. Ha! We rolled over that one for a good 20 mins. I can't wait for the random comments to come out of Avery's mouth when she is 2 1/2 yrs old!

Monday will be a very busy day. We have an MRI scheduled at 7:15am and after recovery the Scheduler seems to think she'll be up for therapy and dr's visits. We'll see how that goes. MRI is routine, just to check on the tumor bed and make sure nothing suspicious has popped up. She will also have a lumbar puncture and hearing test later in the week, but since her counts are at 0 they don't want to poke her and risk infection. This round has been pretty quiet and we are thankful for that. Now we just need to focus on her eating better...not that she ever did that very well to begin with. We are also looking forward to Tara coming to visit from KC. She arrives on Monday night, just in time for laundry!

If anyone has any high calorie items they think she might like...send em my way! I think she has grown a liking for spicy too. She seemed to like my queso dip I had on my cheese tortilla tonight. Hmmm...they say Chemo can change your taste buds.



  1. Avocados, added cream, sour cream, milkshakes, peanut butter, all have added calories and protein. Add powdered milk to regular milk. Google food to gain weight for babies or toddlers and there are lots of good information for "failure to thrive". Look for nutritionally sound foods and organic. Get a blender to make smoothies with protein powder in it with fruit. See a dietician ASAP.

  2. Hey Jenn,
    You do not know me but I work with Nikki and Tiffany at Lockton and have been following the progress of you, your husband and little Avery. My husband Dave and I have a little girl named Josie who is almost 15 months. I feel a strange attachment to your story because Avery is so close to Josie's age. I check the blog daily, pray for you often, and could be considered a blog stalker! LOL! Since you were asking for high calorie treats, I thought since my little Josie was born a toddler and loves snacks, I could offer some assistance. My child can eat! I have absolutely NO medical background so I am sure what I about to suggest may not be the healthest but Josie loves any kind of cheese, green beans cold from the can, pickles, lettuce with ranch, and vienna sausages. She also loves the Graduates yogurt melts in all the flavors. I found a contraption called the Snack Trap at Target that lets us put all kinds of things like cheddar fishes, oyster crackers, and raisins in them without the spills. She thinks she is big stuff as she walks around feeding herself at all hours of the day. Maybe Avery would like the Snack Trap too. It may be a source of therapy too as she can get things in and out of it as she choices.
    Anyway, I thought I would send on my fellow motherly ideas. I am constantly amazed by the strength you are showing during this difficult time. I think of you often when I squeeze my little Josie and pray for Avery's speedy recovery and strengh for you and your husband!Even strangers are moved by your story! Hang in there!
    Yours in motherhood,
    Stacey Merando

  3. One of our gymnastics moms is a pediatrician at Boystown and she suggested carnation instant breakfast with ice cream to put weight on Michaela. I'm guessing Avery might like it too! Carnation is very nutritionally whole and the ice cream adds the fat! Glad to hear she is doing so well!

    Jen Petersen