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Friday, March 19, 2010

Hearing Test and Lumbar Puncture

Today Avery went for her Lumbar Puncture and Hearing test. Thankfully the lumbar puncture was negative for cancer cells. Yea! She did however, have some hearing loss in her high pitch ranges. This wasn't a huge concern for the dr's as no one really cares to hear high pitch noises anyway, so they will continue with the same dosages of Vincristin as before. Avery's next round of Chemo starts on Tuesday evening as we go in for fluids, followed by 24 hrs of the Methotrexate. We should be in the hospital until Saturday. Jeremy and Grandma made it down here late last night and were just in time to take Avery to her 7:30am appt while I took Tara to the airport. Tara was a great help and a great cook! She even made pastries...with whipped cream! Avery really likes whipped cream! Thanks to her cookin' Avery was back up to 8.1 kilos today.

Tomorrow we are taking Grandma to Graceland....she is so excited! She was at his very last concert in Omaha in 1977 and she really loves him! It should be fun to get out and do something now that Avery's counts are back up. On Wednesday, Scott is coming from New York and then Jeremy will fly back in late Thursday night for the weekend. We'll be in patient most of the time but it will be nice to have someone at the hospital with me, especially when I desperately need to go back to the Target House and shower!


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  1. That is so awesome! It also so great to see all those pics of her smiling face!