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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Visit with Aunt Nikki

Aunt Nikki was here the last 3 days helping out. We were in the hospital most of that time so Nikki was able to experience the fun of sleeping in the parent room and in the room with her as they wake her every hour through the night. Boy that is exhausting! Avery had a very successful Chemo round this month. She was a trooper like normal and has managed to keep her cookies down the last few days. We were in patient until Friday night around 8 pm and then we were released. Avery's hemoglobin was low prior to being discharged so the topped her off for safe measure before we left. (transfusion) We ended up spending a quiet night at the Target House.

After this portion of the round we have to do daily doses of her G, which requires a hook up in the Med room each day for a helper drug that will stimulate reproduction of her cells. This of course was scheduled at 8 am on Saturday and wouldn't you know it has to be done at the same time every 24 hrs for the next 2 weeks....ugh for me.

Avery had a rough night last night. She was irritable, hard to console and exhausted but unwilling to sleep. She's been crabby today as well. She doesn't appear to feel the best, even though she's been eating fine and keeping it down. We'll see how she does after her nap. We had planned to go to the park as it is 64 degrees again today, but we may just end up staying home. I think she really enjoys being here at the Target House were she has a little more freedom to attempt to be mobile. She is working really hard in her PT and OT sessions and improving little bits at a time. She is sitting up, tripod style now, but is still unstable. Her trunk and stomach muscles are really strengthening and she does better sits ups than me! Course who I am kidding, I can't remember the last time I did sit ups...although my bicep curls included lifting an 18 lb kiddo all the time, so those are looking nice!

Some of you may know that I had a grand idea to go dark and in November I dyed my hair brown. Jeremy has made it quite clear, as has my mother, that they prefer me blonde so while Nikki was here I went and had my hair highlighted again. Thanks to my KC Dinner club girls for the funds...believe it or not the place I went did not take anything but cash! At the moment I am watching an awesome movie my brother sent me called Willow. It was one we watched as kids and loved, around the time of Princess Bride. Boy that brings back some giggles. I suppose I better go change the laundry and check on my munchkin again.


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