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Thursday, April 1, 2010


3rd round of chemo has been a little more pukey than one would like....poor thing wasn't feeling well yesterday afternoon and was throwing up for a good part of 2 hrs. The tough girl puked over the railing of her crib after pulling herself up, stood the whole time too! Then she puked in the tub a bit and then again after the tub. Today she was holding her own until I left to take Jonnelle to the airport. After finally eating a little bottle, she proceeded to puke it back up for Judy, Kelby and Barb -- whoops!! Good thing these ladies have been through their fair shares of puking kiddos!

Aunt Jonnelle was here all week with Baby Bell tagging along - belly-side of course. We found out she hadn't been maternity clothes shopping yet so Avery and I took her out on Tuesday to show her what we knew. It's amazing how much more comfy the belly is when pants have an elastic top! On Tuesday evening we were admitted for fluids and we started the chemo on Wednesday. Today the last drug was run and hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to go home. On Sunday the Target House is having an easter egg hunt and we hope to attend, provided her counts are still up. Jeremy will be here through Sunday so we may even attempt a little Easter Dinner!

We are now on Day 10 of round 3 and looking forward to the end of this round....round 4 will be the last round before we head to FL for Radiation. Next week we have an appt with the Radiation Oncologist team to discuss the processes, choices and plan for radiation. We hope to have a better understanding of what that means and looks like after that appt. We are getting closer and closer to leaving Memphis, which is exciting for the obvious reason of us being able to return to Kansas City. Boy we sure miss home.....


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  1. Kansas City misses you guys, too! A LOT!
    I hope you guys have a good weekend as a family and I hope Miss Avery is feeling better soon. It breaks my heart to hear that she's feeling yucky. Of course she's being a little trooper, though! I'd expect nothing less! Love you guys!