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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tornado Discharge

Methotrexate Complete
Hemoglobin Transfused
Daddy Arrived
Grandma Arrived
Mom ate a steak
Flash Floods Gone
Tornado Watch Expired
I am exhausted!

What a busy weekend so far! I was so excited to wake up on Friday afternoon from a nap on mommy's lap to find daddy smiling at me and Grandma not far behind. I had a pretty uneventful week of Methotrexate and was able to push it out of my system on time. They let us go this afternoon and Mommy said she deserved a big fat steak....Daddy disagreed, however Grandma didn't so off we went to dinner! We had to royal treatment while we were there. First of all I was the best dressed baby in the place....ok the only baby in the place. But I was perfect! Lots of old ladies in fancy outfits stopped by to tell me how behaved I was. I didn't have to try too hard though because they served my favorite...mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar. I was in heaven. Then Mommy decided I needed a diaper change and this really wasn't the type of restaurant where they have convenient baby stations, so the manager told Mommy to follow him. He took us to a private dining room where he laid down a white table cloth so mommy could change me. Talk about the royal treatment!! Mommy says people from the south are sweeter than honey!

Tomorrow they are having the big spaghetti dinner/silent auction benefit in Apple Valley, MN. We are so excited to see all the pictures of everyone that will be there. I wish we could go but I have some things to finish up here...(ahem 1 more stint in the hospital with those nasty drugs) Next week I will be feeling ishy and dropping counts again, but at least we have a few days of freedom before that happens! Mommy says I have one more little session of poking before we leave for the beach. She says they have to put in fiducials (screws that act as landmarks for radiation) in my head for the radiation piece...I swear I am going to have more scars than anyone....and I haven't even done the normal falling down scar type kid things yet!! Scars are tough of my boyfriends has one right between his eyes and he is way cool, so I am not worried!

Well, we hope everyone has a great time in MN -- we'll be thinking of you!



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