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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Round 3 coming to an end...

Round three is closely approaching its end and from there we have only one more round of chemo. Avery has had an ok week this week. Her counts hovered just above transfusion points so she was a little fussy the past few days. She ended up holding steady though and we never needed a transfusion. Her 7 teeth are coming in a little more each day, and I have been applying lots of orajel to relieve some of that awful pain.

Both her and I had a wonderful time with Jennifer the last few days, even though we were stuck mostly in the apt and the hospital. Avery is making huge improvements in the crawling area and her fine motor skills.

Tomorrow we meet with the Neurologist to discuss some of her deficiencies from surgery and treatment. Hopefully we will get a better understanding of long term affects from each of these and will have a better expectation for her development in the next few months. I have a sneaky suspicion that we'll get the "every child is different" statement though.


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