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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quiet Weekend

Aunt Aubrie came down to Memphis this weekend to spend some time with us. We only had a couple appts on Friday and then on Saturday morning we discovered Avery's counts had hit 2500 again. YAY! To celebrate we contemplated stalking the Tuohy's (football movie about a family in Memphis that just came out) but instead settled on lunch, pedicures, and a little shopping, followed by frozen custard! It was a true girls weekend and we all had a great time! Jeremy stayed in KC this weekend and worked on planting the garden and doing some yard work. He also was able to escape for some daddy time with Matt and Tom, doing what he loves best -- Turkey Hunting. Although his efforts were not completely successful, he did come home with a bag full of Morel mushrooms (yuck), which are the best he swears. Avery and I are completely bummed (not really) that we won't be there to smell them cooking.

The next 2 days will also be quiet ones as we wait for Tuesday night and admission for fluids to start our 4th and final round of Methotrexate. This drug is a rather nasty one from my understanding, although the immediate side affects are nothing compared to the vincristine, cyclo, and cisplatin side affects of tiredness and vomiting. This drug us given in high doses for 24 hrs and requires a urine PH be taken every 2 hours. In the event that the PH is high or low, they adjust the bicarb fluids they are pumping into her at the same time. This means the poor girl can pee through a diaper in 30 mins - no questions asked. Unfortunate for anyone hanging out with us during this part, cause I get tired of changing all those diapers!! Leucovorin is the rescue drug that is given shortly after the Methotrexate. We will spend Wednesday - Saturday in the hospital before being discharged for a few days. Jeremy and his mom will be driving down on Friday and Grandma will spend next week with us. We are really looking forward to Grandma time! We'll go back in patient on Wednesday next week for the icky chemo drugs and be in until Friday. The beginning of the chemo rounds tend to go by a little more quickly then the last 2 weeks. Before we know it, we'll be packing our bags and heading to Florida for our next step in this journey...and then soon enough we'll be back home, even though we'll continue chemo orally for 6 months. HOME --- man what I wouldn't give for a night in my own bed....soon enough!


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