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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Chemo

Avery finished her last chemo treatment this afternoon. Yay! Unfortunately she hasn't been feeling the hottest today. She spiked a fever about an hour ago and they will be drawing labs shortly to do some cultures. Hopefully her anc counts are still high enough where her body will be able to fight it off. Her counts really shouldn't drop for a few days so say your prayers...

We've had a rough go the last 2 days in the hospital. Crazy night owl Avery was here and we stayed up till midnight both nights. It wasn't until last night that we finally discovered that Avery is affected the complete opposite way most people are to Benadryl. Most people are out the moment they even look at a bottle of the kid does the opposite -- she becomes rowdy!! Needless to say we had to change the meds for night time to Adivan instead....crossing our fingers tonight is a better night.

Grandma was here with us this week and she got in lots of snuggles and loving. She also got puked on -- whoops! Avery has managed to hold her cookies down today so far, but yesterday she nailed Grandma but good! We are hoping to be discharged tomorrow afternoon but the fever might hold us up a bit. We'll have to see.

Coincidences are creepy....we are ending our last round in the exact same room we started in in January. And we finally got to meet Dr Gajar -- the Dr I emailed about coming to St Jude while we were in Kansas City. He just so happens to be On Call this week. Crazy huh?

Well I am off to find some chocolate...Daddy is changing the 6th diaper since he got here 3 hours ago and I better sneak out while he is preoccupied!



  1. You guys have come so far and your family has dealt with more in the last 4 months than most should endure in a life time! She is doing great and we can't wait to see her!

  2. I'm a Ryan Lawn customer and heard about your sweet little Avery and just want you to know I've been praying most every day since I heard about her over a month ago. I hope knowing that strangers are praying for your baby and family gives you all the strength you need until Avery is back 100%.