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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today I got up and Daddy made me Bunny pancakes....they were yummy even if I only ate a few bites. Then we went to the Medicine Room for my daily G dose. Mommy made them check my counts cause I was a little sluggish. Of course I had a low hemoglobin count and needed a transfusion. Mommy and Daddy were bummed as this meant missing out on the Easter Egg Hunt at Target House until the nurse suggested we go and come back after wards. So that's what we did! However, I wasn't feeling so hot by that time so the egg hunt was a dud and Mommy and Daddy decided to come back to the hospital. Of course when we got here, neither of them could find my blood bracelet so Daddy had to go back to Target House to look for it while Mommy and I waited. St Jude's won't do anything without that bracelet and it takes another hour or more to get a new one. Finally Mommy found it in the diaper bag and we were in business. It takes about 3 hours for the blood to transfuse so we kinda hang out in a room for a while. Daddy has to leave soon and a cab is going to pick him up since we are still filling up. Hopefully this will be just the thing I need to pick me up and get me back to my crazy self. Tomorrow we have a big day, appts start at 7am (apparently someone did not get mommy's message about early appts) and then we get to hang out with Miss Hinn all week and work on hats that I can pull off my head! We can't wait!



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  1. Cute family photo! I hope that the transfusion gave Avery the "pick me up" she needed. If only she could talk and tell you how she is really feeling. Glad her Daddy was able to spend the weekend with you all. Easter was nice at Aunt Patty and Uncle Scott's. Maple Jo has been swimming in the pond behind our home again! She is a water dog for sure!