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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Today started off kind of rough but it managed to smooth itself out by the end. We planned to go to the beach today and show Avery the ocean and sand. Exciting right? Well for those of you with kids...going anywhere is not easy....let alone a beach. So after packing up EVERYTHING we would possibly need at the beach, we slathered Avery up with sunscreen. Unfortunately, Daddy slathered up her hands as well which went right to the eyes...well you can imagine where this went. Needless to say her eyes were swollen and tearing and she was not a happy camper. Daddy was stressed to the max and the whole day was almost called off!

Thankfully mommy packed cheetos and after a few of those, she seemed to calm down a bit. Course then we put her in the sand and it all started again! She does not care for sand or the ocean. She spent the entire day on the blanket with her new sand toys, eating cheetos and digging in all of the bags of crap I brought. Oh well! It might take some getting used to I suppose. Good thing we have a much lighter schedule here in Florida and might be able to make it to the beach a few times. Lord know she deserves it!


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