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Friday, May 14, 2010

MRI Results May

Avery's MRI and Spinal Tap were clear! No new concerns, growth or cells were found in either test so we are very happy! Avery's counts are also on the way back up for now so her G infusion has been shut off. This means a whole weekend without the hospital and we couldn't be more happy...well, I take that back. We'd be flying high if we were out of isolation as well, but no such luck. Uncle Rob is here with us this weekend and we are hoping to get out and get some fresh air tomorrow. Not sure if that will happen as Mother Nature has some storms in store for us here in Memphis. Monday starts another round of tests for Radiation simulation that requires a cat scan and MRI sedation. On Wednesday we will be admitted at 6 am for our feducials at Lebonhuer Childrens Hospital. Dr Boop will be implanting 3 small screws in Avery's skull for the Radiologists to use as guides when she gets her radiation. These are permanent and will be covered by her hair....should she ever get any. Her eyelashes are starting to come back in and they are adorable.

We are busy preparing to leave Memphis and hit the road next weekend. Jeremy will be coming down on Friday to drive us to Jacksonville, FL where they will be doing Proton Radiation on Avery. She has 2 weeks of prep work followed by 6 weeks of radiation, M-F. Her first radiation treatment will be on June 7th. We have decided to rent an apartment while in Florida to give us a little more privacy and for more convenience. The Ronald McDonald house is not entirely meant for families to live in. It caters more to those that are in need of a place to sleep and shower while their kids are in treatment. We found a place that a family from St Jude just left and they said it was perfect. The neighborhood was great and within walking distance to the grocery store, restaurants and shopping. The couple that own the home are very sweet and helpful - exactly what we like!

We are very anxious to move on with the next step of the journey, although saddened to leave the comfort of St Jude. Avery has done a terrific job with the chemo and the Dr's are very happy with her progress.



  1. Dear Avery,
    You ROCK! I am so, so proud of you! You just keep on amazing everyone! We can't wait to get you back to Kansas City so we can spoil you sufficently!

    Lots of Love,
    Aunt Nikki

  2. Jenn - what a wonderful posting! I am so very happy that Avery's treatment at St Judes has been such a success, and relieved to hear that the doctors didn't find anything to be concerned with in her MRI and spinal tap. I'll certainely be thinking of you next weekend during your move down to Florida and I will continue to send positive thoughts to Avery as she begins the next phase of treatment.

    She's so lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy and Daddy!

    Emily Forrester