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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hearing Test

Avery had her hearing test this am and did very well. Unfortunately the tests revealed more hearing loss. The Dr said she did very well for someone her age and that this type of loss is very common and in a lot of cases could have been even worse. At this point they are holding off on hearing aides but they will reassess her in July to decide whether or not she will be using them. At this point her hearing loss is such that it will be difficult for her to hear sounds in the "s" "f" and "th" range. As she is learning to talk in the next year, this will become extremely important, so we may decide to use them come July.

Avery's counts are on the way back, they were 300 today so hopefully she will be past the nuetropenic part tomorrow. Jeremy leaves in the morning and we'll have a few days just us girls before Uncle Rob comes to claim all his pennies from Avery! She is doing really well in PT and with the chemo on hold for now we are expecting to see her take off. This weekend we worked on walking and she was absolutely thrilled to do it....hopefully that continues and she will be walking at her welcome home party this summer!


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