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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Surgery Post Poned

Avery was to have surgery tomorrow morning to place her Feducials, however Dr Boop has decided to post pone the surgery due to low counts. As predicted, her ANC has dropped to 700 and although this is high enough for us to start another round of chemo, he does not feel comfortable doing the surgery. We have moved the appt to Friday morning instead. This of course throws the travels plans off a bit, but as far as I know we should still be allowed to travel on Saturday. In the mean time, we are waiting the arrival of Daddy on Friday morning and keeping busy with Nana Bonnie. She brought with lots of new distractions....which is a blessing as Avery is getting bored with the handful of toys we have here.

Tomorrow we might hit up the Memphis Zoo if it doesn't rain since we suddenly have a free day. Thursday we have a lunch engagement with the big wigs of Ann Taylor. They are huge supporters of St Jude and I have been asked to speak at the engagement as a voice from the parent community. I am so grateful to have this small opportunity to give back to St Jude and of course we all know I love to talk! FYI Paychex...Jenn is working on her IDP even when she is away! There are a lot of major donors to St Jude and I will gather a list of the top ones so everyone is able to see where to go when in the dilemma "Target or Walmart" "Ann Taylor or Limited" etc. I know I will be making very conscious decisions from now on.

All in all, we are having a pretty mellow week. Avery finally pooed this afternoon and we were able to get a stool sample for the C Diff test. Cross your fingers people -- we want out of isolation! At this point we'll most likely get out on Friday, but who is counting days anyway (uh day 11 is today)?


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