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Monday, May 24, 2010


We arrived last night around 6pm and went to the apt to meet the landlord. The apt is perfect. Close to the hospitals and within walking distance from a Starbucks, sushi, Papa Johns, and the grocery store. We got in last night with plenty of time to unload and get ourselves somewhat unpacked and then Jeremy walked down the street to pick up some dinner. This morning we walked over to grab some coffee and take in the sites in the park. We are 2 blocks from the St Johns river and it is an absolutely beautiful area.

Tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 9 am to meet the Dr's and nurse practicioner and then Avery has another MRI in the afternoon. It will probably be a long day, but more planning needs to be completed prior to her radiation starting. This week will be busy with evaluation exams and meet & greets and will keep us running. Luckily Jeremy is here with us. New cities give me anxiety so I feel better having someone here with me to help me figure it all out. Of course I was a pro in Memphis when we left, so now we are back to being the newbies in Jacksonville. We'll get the hang of it though!

Avery is doing really well. It's amazing how much quicker it feels like she is picking up on things now that the chemo isn't weighing her down and making her feel ishy. We are amazed everyday by her new discoveries. There is a nice rug on the floor here and it is helping tremendously with her crawling. Before long she'll be cruising right along!

This is our new place...



  1. Starbucks and Papa Johns...within walking distance?!? SOLD! Now I'm totally coming to visit. :)

  2. I know, right? There is even a sushi I hear 2nd date with Harper????

  3. The apartment looks wonderful Jen! I'm so glad things like this are falling into place for you guys considering everything else you're dealing with right now. We're thrilled to hear that Avery is doing so well! Keep up the great work! You're amazing!

  4. Hi Jenn,

    Keith and Lisa from the Jax, branch. We were just getting caught up on your blog and wanted to say Hi... Sounds like you are on top of where to go for some good food. Lisa Parker my NCS just came to work from Wolfson rehab with her little boy and said she thaught she saw you, Jeremy and Little Avery there in the waiting room. She would have said Hi but was not sure till you got called back. We are all here for you and will be catching up with you and your family when you get settled. Please if you have any questions or need anything till then please call Jenny Edwards I think you have her #. If not 904-318-7567 or the branch is 904-642-6444. Take care and talk with you soon. Your Family in Jax.