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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Tooth!

We are still in the hospital and going through a few rounds of antibiotics. Avery seems to have gotten rid of her fever for the moment, although she still has some sort of stomach bug causing lots of dirty diapers. They did find that she has an infection in her boob tube (hickman line) and are treating her for that. They are waiting on cultures for everything else and they plan to redo the chest x-ray tomorrow am to check for pneumonia. The plan is for us to stay for a few days, especially since her counts are still at zero. She had an infusion for her hemoglobin last night as those numbers were low and that has helped in her oxygen levels, although that is still not where we need it to be.

On the up side -- she is finally getting a new tooth. She has made do with the two bottom chompers for the last 6 months and we thought she would never get the rest of her teeth. But finally today, we can feel the top left one coming in. We are so excited!! This will definitely make eating more fun for her! Since she hasn't had a big appetite (she literally had 4 bites of vanilla pudding, 3 bites of sweet potatoes and some fruit loops today - that's it) I am hoping this new fun will help her eat a little better. We'll see....

As if this wasn't fun enough, my night owl of a daughter is wide awake right now -- at 10:30 pm. This is pretty typical for her, most of you know she was not sleeping through the night yet. But Mommy could really use some sleep and she has no plans of letting that happen any time soon! The nurses give me looks...I swear she is the only kid on the floor still up and playing in her bed!



  1. Just writing to say that we are still praying for little Avery every day! I also wanted to ask for an address to send a little care package/get well gift to you all. I'm ordering some Team Avery onesies for the twins & hope to send a picture soon! Let us know if there is anything specific you need or maybe just have a hankering for from KC. You can contact me at :) - Jeremy, Monica, Madison, & Meridith

  2. Oh Jenn, I understand about the whole night owl thing. Madi is a night owl & Meri is an early bird!

  3. Oh Jenn! Little Miss Avery what a little peanut! What our kids don't put us through...but they are the best thing ever! Alex didn't get his first tooth until he was 1 so he mastered gumming everything he still doesn't have all his teeth at almost 2.5 and p.s. he still doesn't sleep through the night...ugh!!!! Always in my thoughts and prayers....can't wait to meet your lil peanut and give her some snuggles!

  4. Avery looks adorable in this pic...and she looks like she is holding her head up pretty well again! It is wonderful to see her smiling and playing. A child's spirit, will and determination are amazing gifts. Our thoughts and prayers with you guys everyday.