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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CDEF- tummy troubles

We discovered today that Avery does indeed have a nasty case of what they call CDEF. Basically a bacteria that lives in everyone but can get really over populated in kids with low counts causing a long lasting bout of runny poo and tummy troubles. Poor Avery has this and of course the only medicine for it is incredibly bad tasting. After the 2nd attempt we were able to get it down, so hopefully that will help her (She puked up the first attempt). Bad thing is she has to have it 4 times a day for the next ten days -- not so sure that is going to work out well for us. In the mean time, we are in Isolation at the hospital which means anyone coming in or out wears a mask and gown. Rumor has it any adults that come down with this are in it for at least 2 weeks....and no one wants the runs for 2 weeks! Poor Kiddo!

Her platelets have also dropped to 45 thousand so we most likely will do a transfusion for these tomorrow. Due to low platelets, we aren't able to do her PT -- too risky in the event of a fall, for internal bleeding. She was able to do her speech and OT today though which was good.

They had a Valentine's Day Carnival at the hospital today for all the children, but because we are in isolation Avery couldn't go. The staff was so sweet and brought up valentine's day gift bags to all the kids too sick to attend. She got all kinds of little valentine's day goodies! Course her favorite toys at this point are a box that held thermometer covers, a puke bucket and an empty water bottle -- seriously?! It's amazing Fisher Price is still in business.


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  1. Hi guys,
    So sorry to hear that you are back inpatient. We will be praying that she starts feeling better and that her bug goes away really fast. I will be praying for you Jenn, as I know exactly what it feels like to be up with a sick child when you want nothing more than to go to sleep!! It can be rough, but remember that there are other moms doing the same thing all over the U.S. It's the only thing that kept me sane. :) Hang in there.
    Much Love,
    Jessica and family