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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daddy went shopping at the Avery Outfitters store today! Believe it or not, they are located in Memphis. He got me a new hat...but it appears to be a little big! He says he'll hang onto it until I get big enough to wear it.

Dr's said today that they finally identified the type of infection I had in my line and it is the type that most kiddos have when they are teething....difference being that I don't have the white knights in my body right now to fight it off. Antibiotics will help me. I am also apparently dealing with a virus of some sort, kinda like a cold, only nothing they can do for this one. Good news is no pneumonia! I had a transfusion of platelets today because my counts dropped below the line. That seemed to perk me up. Mom says I am being crabby today, but she just doesn't get how much this teething thing stinks!

All in all, I am hanging in there. They let me eat whatever I want...which means today I had sweet potatoes with brown sugar, chocolate milk, mac & cheese, and chocolate cake! Well, I have a ton of fun to have in the next 2 hrs before I finally let Mommy and Daddy go to sleep so I better get started! Thanks to all for reading my note -- talk to you soon!

Avery Anne


  1. Too sweet, Avery! Brought tears to my eyes. You are such a fighter. Your strength is inspiring. Hang in there kiddo.

  2. Daddy did a good job on the Avery hat! You are growing so fast, you will fit into it in no time- but you look SO cute in it now! I am jealous of your meals, it sounds like you are keeping an appetite to keep your energy and body going! I hope your teething is bearable, just remember the more teeth you get the more good food you can try and later you will collect surprises from a magical tooth fairy that visits while you sleep! Keep up your spirits Tinkerbell and we will be thinking of you and your momma and daddy until I come and visit you guys in April! Love you angel.


    Aunite Jennifer

  3. Mac and cheese and chocolate cake?!? Wow! Do you think your mommy will let me eat that too when I come to visit? I sure hope so! :) Love you, Peanut! Give your mommy and daddy a kiss from me!
    Love, Aunt Nikki