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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun Weekend for Avery

We had a great weekend out and about in Memphis! On Friday we went to the popular Marlowe's BBQ joint down by Graceland. It was fantastic eating and Jeremy is so jealous. Avery really enjoyed the brisket baked potato her and I shared...and they told us to send her picture in to put on the tables. They post pictures on the tables of people and thought she was just the cutest. On Saturday we headed up the street to check out the famous Beale Street action. The Memphis Grizzlies had a game that night so they had live music and the street closed off. There were a ton of people out and about, so lots of people watching. We ate a fried hamburger at a joint called Dyers. This is a place we had seen on the food network and they are known for their incredibly unhealthy, but really good fried burgers. They are also the place that will deep fat fry just about anything you bring in!

Today, we were on our we decided to head over to the park by the zoo and take a walk. They had a nice dog park and playground area and lots of walking trails. I can tell we'll be heading over there a lot when the weather gets nicer. As for today, we were lucky as it was 67 degrees out! Although Memphis is further south than KC, IA, or MN -- it usually averages in the mid 50's this time of year...67 was way above average, so don't get entirely jealous yet. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 42.

On Saturday in Kansas City, they held the Poker Tournament at Will Jenny's (my favorite place to eat) and it was a fantastic time. Jeremy was able to attend and he really enjoyed seeing everyone that came out to play and watch. It was so great to hear about all the support and I am looking forward to seeing pictures. Thank you so much everyone! Ryan Lawn & Tree and Paychex are amazing companies to work for and we are truly lucky to be a part of their teams. Jeremy and I are once again amazed at how supportive everyone has been and we are so blessed to be part of such a great community in Kansas City. Thank you all so much...

Avery will start her second round of Chemo on Tuesday night. We will go inpatient on Tuesday evening and be admitted until Saturday afternoon, provided everything goes smoothly. Last time her body did really great with the methotrexate drug, so we are hoping for more of the same. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she doesn't pick up any random problems this time!!



  1. It is SOOO good to hear you guys were able to get out and about and discover Memphis. Hopefully there will be more great adventures like this!

    Miss you, Love you both
    - Stacey V

  2. Nothing like knawing on some rib bones to keep those teeth sharp! cutie!