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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tomorrow we leave for New York at 7am -- bright and early.  A big thanks to Brian for taking us to the airport at 4:45am.  We are anxious to go and excited to be nearing completion of this treatment.  Who knows where the road will lead after this...hopefully somewhere slightly more normal.  Tantrums and giggles, walking and talking are the places we really are looking forward to.  This has been a tough road, but one that is making us stronger as a family, as a couple and as a community.  The lessons this little girl has taught all of us are numerous and reach far and wide.  Our one hope is that this experience has helped all of you in some small way.  The positives that have come out of this are many in our book, with one really solid negative of course.  Overlooking the nasty Cancer piece of the journey has allowed us to focus on some tremendous friendships, some amazing charitable opportunities, and God.  All of these pieces had been somewhat neglected before we started down this road and we are very happy that we've rearranged those priorities to where they need to be.  Thank you to you all for following us and supporting us as we forge on in the fight.  Avery is leading us as always, with a smile. 


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