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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a fantastic time finding eggs this morning in the room.  It's amazing how many times you can take them out of the basket she is carrying and rehide them.  She loved this so much she actually wanted to hide them for Daddy herself.  All in all a very successful Easter morning, mostly thanks to Nana. 

Yesterday we had a big day out and went to the American Girl Store where Itty Bitty got a new swimsuit and Avery got the matching one.  This place was packed and filled with mom's and daughters, and bag-carrying dads who were thrilled to be there.  Jeremy was very accomadating and took part in the tour of the 3 level store.    Afterwards we walked down to 34th street and found Macy's.  This place is even BIGGER and CRAZIER -- with a million people in it and a Starbucks on every level.  We were floored by the amount of items they had in this place!  We were exhausted after this and had to go back to Ronald McDonald for a nap! 

We said goodbye to Nana this afternoon....very sad for both of us.  And in an hour we'll repeat the process when I leave.  I am not looking forward to this and not sure how well it's going to be handled on both ends.  But we'll make it through it - always do.  In the mean time, I need to get back to snuggling and playing with my girl. I can't promise you'll see any updates this week from NYC -- Jeremy isn't exactly into the Blog thing...but we'll see.  I will try my best to update from home.  Avery will have the flow study repeated this week -- most likely on Tuesday and Wednesday but the rest of the week she will get to explore more of the big apple with Grandma Lippold and Daddy.  Yay!


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  1. Looks like you are spending some time in the city while Avery is strong enough before her chemo starts. I understand that Kristie made quite the hike to get that little Easter basket!