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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Avery has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.  Once we get the results of this we will find out whether or not we are going to get discharged for the weekend or have surgery on Thursday.  We have a feeling we will get discharged as we don't think the ventricles have grown in the last day if they didn't grow at all in 3 days.  The nice thing is that we will get out of here and get to spend some time with Nana at the American Girl Store.  The plan then will be to come back in on Monday for surgery to pull her shunt tubing out of her chest and clamp it.  A day or two later her ventricles will fill like needed and we can proceed with the big surgery.  I won't be here for this - which is a major downside for doing things next week, but as we all know my plans never work out the way I want them to.  Course I am planning for discharge tomorrow, so maybe they will end up not discharging and moving forward with surgery Thursday. 

Avery is feeling great and making lots of friends on the new floor.  She even had PICU nurses come down to visit her today. She met the Easter Bunny and some NYC firefighters today.  She did not like the Easter Bunny at all -- He and Santa rank up there as "scary but mezmirizing."  She also saw a magic show this afternoon that she loved.  All in all, a much better experience by far over here on the general peds floor of the hospital.  She just discovered Nana's lipstick...oh oh.  Gotta go!



  1. I read improvement since the last post. What a scary time for you all. I don't know you but your family is on my mind everyday and I can relate to the "psycho" stage you've felt. I'll bet writing the blog helps. We are listening, reading and praying fervently. Take heart.....

  2. Jenn, Jeremy & Avery,
    Your blog is the first thing I read when I arrive to work each day. (shhh..don't tell my boss) I'm moved by your strength, courage, and your overall attitude.
    I think about and pray for you guys every day.
    ~Angie 'Burnham' Ward