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Friday, April 22, 2011

Surgery a Success

Surgery last night started at 6pm.  We actually got to take her into the OR ourselves and put her on the table.  It was rather creepy seeing them prepare to cut open her head, but at the same time gave us some comfort of knowing the unknown.  We sat with her until the Neurosurgeons arrived and then went out to wait.  They gave her silly gas which of course made her loopy - very comical in the situation.  It was good to see that as she was upset by the gowned up nurses and mom and dad prior to getting the good stuff.  I secretly hoped that some of the gas would escape out and make me a little loopy too - definitely would have made the wait less stressful.  The Dr's finally finished about 8 pm and came out to tell us it was a difficult surgery but it was a success.  The good news is no one tattled on me this time for having water in the waiting room.  Apparently this hospital is a little more advanced in terms of rules than others. 

Daddy spent the night at the hospital with her as I am at my breaking point.  The PICU is ridiculously loud and I haven't slept well in a week.  I thought it only fair to allow dad to experience the same thing - if only for a night.  I didn't feel so bad when he told me at 1:30 am she woke up starving and he argued with the dr's to let her eat.  Apparently they had her NPO again as she needs an MRI today.  Course they couldn't  tell him when the MRI would be.  At this point we still don't know.  Organization and communication are severly lacking in this hospital. 

Her last dose of post surgery antibiotic is scheduled for 7pm, so the hope is to be out of here by 8:30pm or so.  Just in time to go back to the Ronald McDonald house and pop in the newest Harry Potter DVD and make some popcorn, her favorite.  Tomorrow we plan on taking her to Macy's and the American Girl Store for some much needed fun!


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  1. Jenn,

    Glad to hear the surgery went well! Hang in there, Jenn! It is then that HE carries you. Even so, I sure hope you can get some rest this weekend. Lack of sleep is not fun, especially in a stressful situation. Wish we could send some zzzzzs for the mommy and daddy in those care packages!