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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Avery's MRI results were inconclusive yesterday so we were waiting for the LP to further determine her results. The radiologist noticed an area at the base of her spine where it appeared to be slightly more highlighted than it had been 2 months ago. This can be caused by 2 things; appearance of cancer cells beginning to line the walls of the spine or just a variation in the length of time the dye contrast was allowed to sit and therefor it "glows" just a little brighter. The LP results came back this morning All Clear -- so the Dr's are going with option 2 - although they will continue to monitor that area closely moving forward.

Yesterday was a rough day on us. The what ifs and anxiety caused by waiting is excruciating. To think this is the path we will be on for the rest of our lives is overwhelming by far. I don't answer the phone or texts when we get in that position so to those of you that lacked a response from me - that is why. Jeremy however is a sucker for distractions and answers his no problem...just for future reference.

Avery is looking and feeling good today. We have an appointment with the Neurosurgeon this afternoon and then after that we are taking off for a day in Nashville. The Grand Ol Opry is calling our names and we thought we'd take advantage of the short drive. We are staying in a really large hotel with lots to do and a big pool. Avery is finally going to go swimming!

Keep the prayer coming!



  1. In on lus

    Inconclusive is hope. I don't know about swimming as pools are pretty germ filled! Enjoy the music. Glad Avery is feeling better. The tests take a lot out of e everyone.

  2. Pray pray pray for that beautiful lil girl!! You are an inspiration and so is Avery :) Thank you for being so strong and sharing your journey, it gives those of us who are going through our own battle a little push to keep going!